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What can be said about Amazing Sandwiches?

We are engaged in a sandwich love affair that started back in Denmark where Anders grew up. Famous for their open-faced sandwiches, Danes have become quite innovative and adventurous designing, assembling and creating new sandwich creations.

After a little encouragement, Wendie also fell in love with this Scandinavian tradition, and is now a complete sandwich afficionado. Her Jamaican touch brings a unique flavor and elegance (and sometimes heat) to an otherwise ordinary sandwich.

Anders, on the other hand, brings chaos, surprising ingredients, and a whallop of toppings to any sandwich he touches. “Too much” is not in his dictionary, but surprisingly most of his creations turns out great.

Together, we try to strike a balance, and make a meal of it.

Join us, and explore the delight of the bread, spread, base, toppings and garnish, as we build our way to your senses.

Anders & Wendie,

San Diego, 2009

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