Review: Shawarma Pita from Shawarma Grill House in Copenhagen

The first thing I eat when I fly into Copenhagen and the last thing I eat before flying home is a shawarma pita from Shawarma Grill House on Strøget in Copenhagen. My friends who have visited agree: This is the best pita any of us have tasted anywhere in the world.

Kafta pita from Shawarma Grill House
Kafta pita from Shawarma Grill House

The meat, unlike their sad American brethren, is fresh and made from actual pieces of meat (Compare that to a so-called American ‘gyros’, sold nationwide). It is not a grey slab of washed down meat leftovers that have been bleached, but rather fresh individual pieces of meat with an amazing seasoning, grilled fresh on the rotating stand-up grill. The shawarma is served with fresh pita bread, a bit of lettuce, and a fantastic yogurt dressing that is not overpowering, but rather accentuates the moist meat inside. And there is plenty of meat to go around in one of these. Another amazing taste experience is the home-made chili sauce that sits on all the tables, and which you want to be a little careful with. It’s hot, but not burning hot. It has a tinge of sweetness to it, one that makes this sauce very hard to reproduce in our kitchen. If anyone has a recipe, please post it below!

Overall, this is our absolute top fast-food joint in the world, and even ranking next to restaurants it ranks way up there. It’s a must-eat for visitors to Copenhagen.

They also serve excellent kafta pita, which are excellent but takes 10-15 minutes to cook which gives you time to look at the locals. Very highly recommended; 5 stars

Shawarma pita and chili sauce
Shawarma pita and chili sauce
Chili sauce from Shawarma Grill House
Chili sauce from Shawarma Grill House

Shawarma Grill House

Frederiksberggade 36
1459 Copenhagen K
Tlf; +45 33126323
Fax; +45 33320089

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7 thoughts on “Review: Shawarma Pita from Shawarma Grill House in Copenhagen”

  1. Faris, THANK YOU, we will definitely try out the Harissa Sauce ! I hope that’s it…

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  2. The shawarma’s from Sharwarma Grill House is also the best I’ve ever tasted anywhere. I eat there regularly. Preferably every weekend or every second weekend. The restaurant was at the opening in 1980 the first of its kind in Scandinavia. The owners are of Lebanese origin.

    The meat is aprox. 85% beef/ox-meat and 15% lamb. It’s marinated which gives it a fresh hint of sourness and it has a distinct taste of cardamom among other spices.

    The chili sauce clearly contains sun-dried tomatoes, which gives it the full and sweet taste.

    The original recipe for the chili sauce is a business secret though according to the people at the restaurant, but you could try this recipe that I found on the internet posted by Morten who’s a Shawarma Grill house fan like me and I think it seems like a pretty good shot at it:


    A small can/glass of sundried tomatoes (very important ingredient).
    280 g of tomato paste, double concentrated 28-30%
    1-2 tablespoons of chili seeds (standard dried and chrushed chili with seeds).
    Olive oil
    1 tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper
    Aprox. half a tablespoon of Garam Masala (contains coriander, nutmeg and cinnamon etc.) – be very carefull as too much Garam Masala will ruin the taste.
    A bit of fresh juice from a lemmon.
    A bit of salt
    A bit of garlic powder

    Ajust the hotness of the sauce with Cayenne Pepper

    It’s very important that the chili sauce rests in an airtight container/glass for a couple of days before use. Alternatively, but second choice, you could let the chili sauce boil for a short while and put it in the refrigerator to cool.




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  3. I was actually born and raised in Denmark and this was one of the places I used to eat OFTEN.

    Another thing you guys should try next time you go is at any local pizzaria order their “Shawarma pizza”…. unbelievably good

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  4. I will and am definitely missing this shawarma from Copenhagen.. miss The place.. will try to make the sauce as per the above recipe. Been looking for them for years! Tak!!
    – dianna –

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