Cheese Sandwich with Pear & Fennel Jam and Raspberries

It was one of those nights. Just got home from work, late on a Friday. I mean, it ought to be criminal to have to work late on a Friday.  The season premiere of Fringe on the Tivo.  Salmon defrosting to be made into oven-roasted salmon with a roasted tomato vodka cream sauce and a side of rice.  Yes, blog not withstanding, we DO eat more than sandwiches around these parts.  Although, if Anders had his way, sandwich would factor in every meal.  Tonight I decided to let him have his way and while we waited for the salmon to defrost, he made this little appetizer sandwich.  It’s made from a thin slice of bread, toasted pretty aggressively (he does insist on a discernible crunch). Spread some pear & fennel jam, cumin cheese, more pear jam, and topped with raspberries. Oh dear, this was one fantastic sandwich – dessert and appetizer rolled in one!

Pear jam and raspberry cummin cheese sandwich
Cheese Sandwich with Pear & Fennel Jam and Raspberries


  • Thin slice of rustic bread
  • 4 slices of Danish cumin cheese (or to cover, as seen above)
  • 3 tsp pear jam
  • 4-6 fresh raspberries

Note: For the other 6.795 billion people in the world who might not have access to Danish cheese, a mild, smooth cheese would do – perhaps brie.  (Anders & I are still debating this point, but she who wields the pen/keyboard, gets the final word. He thinks blue cheese would be better while I think it would change the flavors of the sandwich). In this at least we are united – a mild apricot or peach jam/preserves can be substituted for the pear & fennel jam.

Toast the bread until dark brown. Spread 2 tsp of jam on the bread. Add the cheese, spread another tsp of jam on top of the cheese, and place the raspberries on top evenly. The jam should hold them in place. Eat while warm, and don’t stop to take a picture like he did.  I had to sit there fuming while he took the photo so that I was forced to eat a lukewarm sandwich. Aah well, it was still great and my little loss is your gain in this photo.

Pear jam and raspberry cummin cheese sandwich
Cheese Sandwich with Pear & Fennel Jam and Raspberries
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