Egg Sandwich with tomatoes and onions

Classic Egg and Tomato sandwich on Rye bread, served on a lettuce leaf with onions, green onions and mayonaise. Simple, easy, yummy, and a great way to eat an egg.

This sandwich is served at many danish restaurants with a good selection of smørrebrød.

The onions brings out a light ‘crunch’ that most great sandwiches should have, but too much onion can overpower the eggs, so the green onions, milder, adds the last flavor.

Egg sandwiches are often lightly sprinkled with salt, but that is an individual option.

Egg sandwich
Egg sandwich

Recipe Ingredients

  • Rye bread, although a lightly toasted french bread would work as well.
  • A thin layer of butter
  • Hard-boiled eggs, sliced.
  • A ‘stripe’ of a good mayonnaise on the eggs keeps everything hanging on.
  • A few slices of tomatoes, don’t overdo it. The tomatoes adds moisture and taste, and enhances the taste of the eggs.
  • Finely diced red or white onions.
  • Finely cut green onions
  • (a pinch of salt)


This sandwich is easy to assemble. Simply add the ingredients in the order listed, and it should look something like this:

Egg sandwich
Egg sandwich
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