Tomato Sandwich

Tomatoes on Spinach Ciabatta Roll. For this sandwhich, we recommend heirloom tomatoes at their peak of ripeness. You also want to use the tomatoes at room temperature. The flavors are more intense here. We used Black Krim grown in our backyard garden, and added a pinch of Dukkah to bring home the flavor. This is perhaps the most essential way to make a tomato sandwich, using only tomatoes, and it can really only be pulled off succesfully when they are very fresh and tasty.

Tomato on smoked cream cheese with Dhukka sandwich
Tomato with Dhukka sandwich

For ‘regular’ tomatoes we recommend other sandwiches with more ingredients, and some sort of dressing on top.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Fresh Spinach Roll
  • Butter or Optionally a thin layer of Smoked Cream Cheese,
  • Tomatoes, preferably Black Krim.
  • Dukkah or Sea salt

Note: These ingredients are the ones used in our own assembly. Given their specificity, it’s likely you might not be able to find some of them. Rygeost smoked cream cheese for instance, is a Danish speciality.  Feel free to experiment with other items as needed.


Spread a thin layer of butter or Smoked Cream Cheese (Rygeost) on the freshly cut roll. Add a generous layer of sliced tomatoes, and sprinkle with Dukkah or Sea Salt. Sounds simple, but the taste is divine.

Tomato sandwich with Dhukka.
Tomato sandwich with Dhukka.
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