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Fried Plantain With Blue Cheese Sandwich

I miss plantains. For those who don’t know, it is the larger cousin of the banana. Unlike the banana it is typically cooked before eaten. I suppose one could just peel and eat it like you would a banana, but that would just be… well, wrong. My favorite way to enjoy a plantain is to fry it and simply eat as a side dish. Unfortunately, along with my strong accent, one of the things I lost in moving to San Diego is the ready availability of plantains.

Two weeks ago, I had a meeting in a neighborhood in San Diego known for it’s “ethnic’ population.  Ehem… let me pause here to  continue my fight against the application of this terminology. Why is this term reserved for non-Caucasians alone?   Are they by some miracle of biology without shared cultural heritage that underpins the term ‘ethnicity’? But I digress, linguistic misapplication aside, I was lucky to be in an area of town with a fair share of Vietnamese and Filipino supermarkets.

As I drove through I remembered a plantain dish I once had in a Filipino restaurant many years ago. “Dare I hope?”, I wondered.  I was not disappointed, I came out of the supermarket with a huge green plaintain.  It took about one week to ripen, and the cooked fruit was a key ingredient in Anders’ breakfast last week Saturday.

(The other half found its way in a plantain flambé – my take on the banana flambe, something I am unable to make because of my one-woman boycott of the US commercial banana industry).

Fried Plantain With Blue Cheese Sandwich
Fried Plantain With Blue Cheese Sandwich

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