Breakfast Soft-Boiled Egg Sandwich

The breakfast sandwich is one sandwich that doesn’t get enough mention on this blog. Perhaps that’s because I’ve considered my breakfast sandwich choices to be too uninspired for this blog.  Some people’s idea of a breakfast sandwich is bacon, eggs, sausage, cheese or some combination thereof. Mine is much simpler – just an egg (either soft boiled or scrambled) that gets enjoyed on a weekend morning (typically Saturdays).  For me, Saturday mornings are rife with possibilities. It is the beginning of two uninterrupted days of freedom when I can indulge some of the little personal pleasures that are bypassed in the hustle and bustle of the work week. One of these is the breakfast.  On workdays, breakfast is a grab-and-go cup of coffee or tea and whatever fruit happens to be available at the moment, both of which gets consumed during my commute to the office.  If I’m particularly hungry, a boiled egg gets tossed into the mix, to be eaten when I arrive at work.  I look forward to the slower pace of the weekend breakfast. There I have a leisurely meal that serves as punctuation between my work week and weekend of freedom.  For the most part, the basic ingredients remain the same as the work week breakfast; what differs is the preparation and presentation.  The coffee/tea is served in a mug/teacup rather than my travel thermos; the single fruit is exchanged for a bowl of homemade fresh fruit salad; and the egg is served either scrambled or soft boiled, with or without a slice of toast.   Better yet is that I get to enjoy this sitting on my favorite garden bench (weather permitting).  It’s  a breakfast that is a sort of culinary exhalation – as if to say,  “Aaah.. it’s weekend and this is my time.”

Breakfast Egg Sandwich
Breakfast Egg Sandwich


  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of bread
  • sea salt
  • pepper

Bring a small pot of water to boil. Add egg and boil to desired level of doneness.  For me that means removing the pot from the heat about 1 1/2 minutes after boiling commences.  That gets the white nearly cooked and the egg mostly runny so that it spreads on the toast and soaks in like melted butter.

Toast the bread. Remove egg shell and place the egg on top of toast. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper. That’s it. The incredible edible egg and a fantastic breakfast in less than 5 minutes.

Breakfast Egg Sandwich
Breakfast Egg Sandwich
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