Old School Chocolate Sandwich

Quite frankly, this isn’t much of a sandwich, much less amazing. It’s specifically made for children in Denmark, and is a typical sandwich they would take to school. It ranks just one notch above the infamous “sugar sandwich”, which is at the bottom of the sandwich pile. However, if you want to feel like a Danish kid, have one of these, then move on 🙂

Chocolate Sandwich
Chocolate Sandwich


  • 1 slice soft white bread
  • Butter
  • Chocolate (Here shown with traditional Tom’s Chocolate). If you don’t have those (I’m guessing you don’t), then use slices or flakes of a soft, milk chocolate instead.
Chocolate Sandwich
Chocolate Sandwich

Spread the butter on the bread. Add chocolate (generously as above). Take a bite, then immediately feel like you are in school, and you wish you had a roast beef sandwich instead of this sad one.

Chocolate Sandwich
Chocolate Sandwich
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