Classic Pickled Herring Sandwich

This pickled herring sandwich is served on rye bread with red onions, capers and parsley. There are many variations of pickled herring and if you have an Ikea nearby, there is a big chance you might be able to find an jar of pickled herring there. Most open faced sandwich feasts in Denmark starts with fish, usually herring such as this. They are usually served with the local schnapps (Snaps), cooled in the freezer, which you are expected to drink in one fell swoop as a shot. The schnapps really brings out the flavor of the herring, and should not be missed.

Pickled herring in tomato sandwich
Pickled herring in tomato sandwich

This particular sandwich was served at Peter Lieps house in Dyrehaven, north of Copenhagen.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Pickled herring: Plain, or Tomato Sauce or Curry Sauce.
  • Onion Rings (Red onions or yellow onions are preferred. White onions does not have enough ‘bite’).
  • Parsley
  • Capers
  • Rye bread


Apply butter to bread. Duck fat will work as well.. if available. I am told this adds a great flavor, but I love my arteries too much to indulge 😉 Add a generous 2-3 slices of herring. Top with 3-4 red onion rings, capers and parsley.

Pickled Herring in Tomato Sandwich
Pickled Herring in Tomato Sandwich
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