Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon

Nothing is as fun to watch cook as a Cedar Plank Salmon Steak, after all, it’s not often you get to burn stuff and then eat it, much less making any kind of smoked dish. It’s also incredibly easy to do, just make sure you start with a clean BBQ, so you don’t accidentally create any ‘bonus’ fires.

Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon
Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon

Recipe Ingredients

1 cedar plank

1 large salmon filet

Honey Mustard Dressing

1 Lemon


Salt & Pepper


Go to your nearest home-depot or dixieline or any store that sells cedar planks. Ask them to cut you a plank into 12×15 pieces, and you are set for many fun BBQs to come. Alternately, Costco sells some rather expensive planks, that works just as well.

Make sure the plank has no splinters (Usually one side doesn’t), and place it in water for at least one hour, but as much as 24 hours before cooking.

Cedar plank smkoed salmon
Cedar plank smkoed salmon

Place several rosemary twigs on the plank, and place the salmon filet on top. Cut the lemon into many thin slices and place all over the salmon filet. Sprinkle some chopped rosemay across the salmon, and  add a pinch of salt and pepper on top.

Finally, pour decent amounts of the Honey Mustard Dressing on top of the salmon.

Place this entire plank on the BBQ. It will eventually catch fire, but first it will start smoking, thanks to being soaked. Be sure to leave teh BBQ closed while this goes on, for about 20 minuttes to half an hour. Once the plank catches fire, watch it to make sure the salmon doesn’t burn.

When the salmon is ready, remove from plank and eat.

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